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Photo: Claire Newman-Williams

Margaret began her career at The Old Vic Youth Theatre and Webber Douglas Academy.

Although she longed for repertory theatre with aspiration of playing the third witch in

Macbeth or Isabella in Measure for Measure she ended up in Las Vegas as a dancer for

MGM’s Jubilee. For a decade she worked non-stop as a model, dancer and actress, in Los

Angeles, Reno and Las Vegas before returning to education at Santa Monica college.

On return to the UK, Margaret carried on her studies which culminated in a Masters from

The Royal Central School. During this time, she worked as a teacher and brought a group of

teenagers (as the winners of The Shell Connections) to the National Theatre opening their

festival. Teaching brought Margaret back to her first love: The Stage. Although, times have

moved on, new writing and the fringe provide many opportunities for play and



Margaret has played Baptista in Taming of The Shrew, various Russian

women; The Evil Stepmother in Cinderella and a whole host of nuns. Margaret loves the

classics as well as physical theatre, new writing and panto.

Margaret has had many jobs and worn many hats during her long career. She has spent

time in the Corporate World of Finance, Fashion, Medicine & Law. She has run her own

business, worked on the floor of The American Film Market as well as The Academy Awards.

Margaret’s early career as a Las Vegas Showgirl taught her many things, not least of all, how

to stay fit and healthy. Now she flies the flag for all Bluebell Girls that once descended the

elegant staircase of style. She is eager to play Gertrude in Hamlet because she says, ‘I know

this woman, I have met her, understand her and most importantly, love her’.

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