Miles Gallant in Til We Meet in England

November 3, 2017


















Miles plays in Till We Meet in England at the Safehouse, Peckham. 


Til We Meet in England takes Elizabeth Inchbald’s rarely performed tragedy, The Massacre, as its starting point. With themes of mob-thinking, scapegoating, and a profound sense of humanism, it is a play which is rich with contemporary resonance, offering a long view of Britain as a place of refuge. Inchbald adapted the play in 1792 in response to atrocities in France in the wake of the French Revolution. Inchbald chose to censor the play until after her death. For her, the play’s intense action and violent language, by no means shocking in the age of mass media, were too horrid for audiences of the time to bear.  Our empathy and relationship to suffering today is one that we also explore through this play.


The production at Safehouse places the audience in a tiny, domestic house with the family at the heart of Inchbald's play. The narrative unfurls around them, part-performance, part-installation, fusing text, movement and song to create a potent, intimate experience.


Til We Meet In England runs from 6th of November - 2nd of December 2017 with the exception of Monday’s.


You can book tickets HERE



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