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Sue Maund

Photo: Benkin Photography

Sue trained at Drama Studio London. She started out in fringe theatre, playing Patty in Bond's The Fool and Mae in Fornes' Mud, while supporting herself with a variety of jobs including ironing Ken Russell's underpants. Following a baffled two years with Theatre Pur trying to understand performance art, she moved on to make micro-appearances behind Nicole Kidman in The Birthday Girl, Peter Mullan in Miss Julie and a rather large volcano in Krakatoa for Channel 4.

Her one title role, in Scarlet Theatre's Princess Sharon, involved walking, sitting down and suffering in silence, before choking to death on a haddock. Since graduating to full Old Bat status playing Miss Havisham for Northern Stage, she has variously been typecast on film as an alcoholic prostitute in Saxon, a delusional child-killer in 6 x 6 and a psychotic vengeful axe-murdering Irish Gipsy matriarch in Traveller.

More recently she has played eccentric spinster Miss Missy 2 in Set Fire To The Stars, hapless Teacher 2 in Holmes + Watson, and Druid Elder 3 (with dead squirrel on head) in Britannia. Occasionally her roles have actual names: Einstein's landlady Frau Schnellham in Genius:Einstein, and French witch Bette Ozanne in upcoming Netflix series Half Bad. Sue's kindest review (for Princess Sharon) described her as "plain, strange and luminous". However her brother thought she looked like Old Steptoe.

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