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Sue Maund in Brimstone

Sue Maund plays Ruth in the feature film, Brimstone starring Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce.

Brimstone has it's UK release on 29th September 2017. You can watch the trailer HERE

It has also been gaining 4 star reviews which you can view by clicking on the following links;

'In the uncompromising terrains of the old American West, mute midwife Liz enjoys a humble existence with her young daughter, independently minded stepson and loyal, devoted husband. Seemingly content with her life, Liz’s eyes nonetheless betray a quiet sadness, suggesting a previous life fraught with pain and anguish. One day in church, her delicate peace is shattered when she hears the ominous, Dutch-tinged drawl of the town’s new preacher. Instantly recognising the man she had so desperately hoped to have escaped, Liz must prepare to protect both herself and her family from the the reverend’s merciless grasp'

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